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The Babushka or Matryoshka traditionally shows a woman containing many smaller people like children inside.  I like the idea of using the same symbolism to show the idea of many people within a person, or the many different sides of a person.  The happy, sad, dark and light .  The many layers we contain.

The object is slip cast and modeled in white earthenware.

Memento Project 2



A series of studies in film of our relationship with mementos this film related to my own memento of my father.  Given by me as a child  to my father for his Birthday, and carried by him for many years before he died.  The process was like getting to know more about him through an adults eyes.  The film plays with time reinstating something as was then bringing it back to the present.


Reading between the Lines (Heart)


A mixture of slip cast ceramic anatomical hearts with crumpled letters.  I liked these forms  and combined them in this piece entitled ‘Reading between the Lines’.   They tell a story.   I like the fact that it may be a different story for every individual and not one of them is right or wrong.